Intro: WTF Am I Doing

After almost 18 months of planning, saving and dreaming, I’ve left on my trip. I quit my job, left London, bought a new bike and set off last week.

The plan is to ride from the UK to New Zealand, through Turkey, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan, India, SE Asia and Australia, among other places.


I’m riding a 650cc 2010 Suzuki V-Strom, his name is Donkey, because he’s a noble steed. He’s kitted out with some Magadan Panniers and 2 Enduristan roll bags, which comes to around 100 liters of storage. Enough for Camping gear, a few clothes, spares, electronics and leaves room for carrying food and water. He really is a Donkey.

Image result for shrek donkey smile

“You hear that Shrek, I’m a Noble Steed.”


I’ve done a little solo travelling previously, a trip to Iceland for Eve FanFest and did a 2 week ride to Italy for the Moto GP. But I’ve never done anything on this scale, or this adventurous. Once I get east of Greece I haven’t even been to any of the countries I’m going through. I sort of know what to expect in some countries (thanks to the internet) but in other ways, I’ve no idea what I’m getting myself in to. As long as there’s fuel, food and water, I’m sure I’ll survive. Provided the bike stays in one piece…

For now, I’ve made it to Spain, I’m staying at my dads house here for a week doing my last bits of prep and relaxing in the calm before the storm. I took 5 days getting down here, riding through the middle of France on back roads, and winding around the Pyrenees, camping for free on picnic grounds, motor-home car parks and by lakes.

I’m really chuffed with how the trip down here went. I didn’t pay for camps or hotels at all, I barely used motorways and the riding was amazing. I do need to try and “see” more stuff, planning in visits to places and stopping more regularly to see what I’m passing by, which has turned out to be hard for me, I like the riding, and I love to keep moving and making progress. Must try harder.

Most of my short updates and photos will be on Facebook:
but I’ll be trying to do longer posts on my days off on this blog.

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